About Us

Few Words About Us

Countless are the times when we were caught between the difficulties of fulfilling our duties to our parents and our job responsibilities. Many are the times we had to shuttle back and forth to ensure that we fulfill both our roles perfectly. This sowed the seed of a unique concept wherein we can provide well-trained specialist care takers to help your parents. Of course, we are no replacement for you. But, having us beside your parents is definitely a lot better than sending them alone for a day long consultation in the busy hospitals of today, where they might have to run from pillar to post to get things done. Now that we are here for them, they are spared of all these nightmares.

We are a bunch of like minded friends - as people who value relationships and understand the need to be there when it matters, we found the idea of offering care for the aged and elderly an inspiring start for our social endeavours.

Tamilnadu NRI Services

Our experience spans over a vast arena including, hospitality, information technology, business management and like. We have drawn from our combined professional experience of over sixty years in India and overseas and have articulated this concept with an aim to improve and touch the lives of people positively. Adding a spark and personal touch to your lives is what we aim to achieve.

Services to NRI

  1. We look after the lands, assets and properties of NRI in Tamilnadu on specific instructions (for rental, lease, sale / purchase).
  2. We assist NRI in respect of their Indian co-ordination for social, educational, professional, investment, industrial and business matters.
  3. We undertake to conduct marriages for the NRI for their children on a total package basis on specific request.
  4. We encourage and assist NRI to buy back their properties if any.
  5. We assist NRI by undertaking to look after their family senior citizens living in Tamilnadu.
  6. We undertake liaison services for NRI with regard to the matters in the Govt of Tamilnadu.
  7. We look after and render services to look after the minor children of NRI studying in the residential schools / colleges.
  8. We render counseling services in all matters in Tamilnadu as required by NRI.
  9. We undertake and make all arrangement to NRI to visit various temples in different parts of Tamilnadu.
  10. We undertake to provide travel and tourism arrangement including local logistics support for the NRI.